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DHW provides 401k for all full time employees and matches the contribution at 4%.


DHW provides full time employees with health, dental & vision.


We offer PTO to our full time employees as well fun whole team events and functions.

Why Work at DHW?

We create a fun atmosphere to work in and have a team mentality.  Statistics show insurance careers are well known to be financially stable, a healthy balance between work & home life, and have a great potential for career growth.  We believe in this at DHW. We are transparent to our employees just like we are to our clients, this is extremely important in trusting who you work for. We offer many benefits for our employees like 401k, health plans and we are interested in finding new ways to keep our employees happy!

We're a Growing Team.

If you’re a driven and motivated, creative thinker, problem solver, and team player, you should consider joining us at DHW Insurance Brokers! We're in constant pursuit of a single goal: innovation and change in the Insurance space. You can expect working in a dynamic and collaborative environment, with a competitive salary and benefits package, opportunities for growth, along with engaging team building events and functions.

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